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PLNJPY - Polish Zloty / Japanese Yen

Swap Short: -9.5144 PointsSwap Long: 1.6699 Points
Laag: 32.995Spread MT5 variabelHigh: 33.231
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PLNJPY Trading Chart

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cTraderSpreads + 0,35$ per verhandelde 10.000
Minimum: 3.90Gemiddeld: 4.90
Market Hours*Open Now
Market Hours*Open Now
Limit en Stop niveau0 points
Gebruikte Marge (1:100 hefboom verhouding) in US Dollar1000 JPY X USDJPY Rate
Minimale contractgrootte1000 PLN (0.01 lots)
Minimale stapgrootte voor toename van contractgroottes1000 PLN
Margevereisten om een lock posititie te openen*0

* Alleen als Margeniveau > 100%

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The PLN/JPY currency combination is heavily influenced by two world major countries: Japan and Poland. The low trading volume of this pair makes it more prone to volatility and unpredictability than the most traded combinations, yet it can still make an ideal middling risk investment for those who are looking to expand the trading portfolio. The divergent financial policies of these two nations mean that the correlation between them is often hard to predict, yet the high risk attached to the pairing means that it can deliver substantial rewards in the hands of an experienced investor.

With PLN/JPY, traders can use slow Stochastics and support-resistance levels, which determine entry and exit points. The Polish currency is not widespread on Forex, and its activity is mainly observed during the European session. This is mainly due to the conduct of trade operations in Poland at the local exchange.

If you follow the rules of money management and have a minimum deposit of several hundred dollars, you can trade this pair on H4 timeframes.

If you are interested in trading the PLN/JPY currency pair, contact FxPro today and open trading account in several minutes.